Arquitectura en el Caribe exists to collect documented architectural and urban conditions found within the Antillean islands. From historical to modern interventions, the gallery takes a comprehensive look at this diverse region’s rich history of design through digital photographs, architectural records, construction documents, and archival footage.

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HAITI – Port-au-Prince
Estus H. Magoon Collection

Reverse of the photograph contains the following description: “View taken in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, showing the peculiar method of sheathing frame buildings so brick can be used to fill in between the vertical and diagonal wooden 2 x4’s.”

CUBA – Havana
Florida International University Collection
Postcard titled “Arquitectura cubana. – Cuban Architecture, Colonnade Style”. These colonnades provided both shade from the scorching Caribbean sun and permitted unobstructed breeze from the tradewinds, naturally cooling pedestrians as they moved about the capital’s streets.

Mauricio Antonio Brinz Garcia Collection
Latin inscription above the entryway of the Baluarte del Conde says, “Dulce Y Decoroso Es Morir Por La Patria”, or “It Is Sweet and Decorous to Die for the Fatherland”. This site was the launching point for the Dominican independence movement, where the Cry for Independence was given in February 1844, and is directly reflected in the architecture.