The archive of our debut art exhibition

Espacios Imaginarios

ESPACIOS IMAGINARIOS is Archivos del Caribe debut art exhibition in which more than sixteen Puertorican artists got to collaborate. It took place in La Casa del Cuento en Cayey, Puerto Rico and we received about three hundred visitors from across the island and United States during July 1, 2021 to September 4, 2021. 

The exhibition was the book release presentation for Espacios Imaginarios: Colección de mitos by our editorial in where fiction, reality and architecture explore the possibilities of the Caribbean literature and imaginaries. Along it, the emerging photo-literary magazine, Demoliendo Hoteles presented four photographs and poems and an independent short film titled In Albis (2021) written and directed by Leticia Berdecia and Gabriel Torres was displayed. 

All different art disciplines focused on what the literal definition of Espacios Imaginarios provoques to further develop and engage in a space where more than 10 pieces would hold a conversation. 


If you're interested in acquiring the book Espacios Imaginarios: Colección de mitos email us at: or visit Librería La Esquina at Santurce, Puerto Rico.

~ Short clips from the exhibition ~


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