October 2020

Meet Joshua Camacho

Artist of the month with “Los Días Pasados”

Joshua Camacho (él/ellos/elle) was born in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico in 1994. They studied graphic design at the School of Plastic Arts and Design in Old San Juan. They are passionate about creating, conceptualizing an idea and watch it come to life, film, and human experiences. Since a young age, they would film home movies for fun, but it was not until 2018 where they decided to seriously consider and dedicate their career to film. As for inspiration, conversations and sharing experiences day to day spark their vision. Films related to the cultural daily, psychological thrillers, coming of age movies, among others, encapsulate their favorites.

The film “Los Días Pasados,” included a photoshoot and filming at the lead actress Pamela Ojeda’s house in Cupey. “Los Días Pasados” was a loose idea, until Kenneth Calo, the other film director, posted a picture from the photoshoot and captioned it what ended up being the title.

Watch the film below:


dir. Kenneth Calo & Joshua Camacho

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