About Us

Archivos del Caribe is a digital Caribbean contemporary photography archive for our history, the arts and culture. We focus on the Antillean Caribbean region to built our own archive based on donated storyteller photographs in Colección La Casa and Galería Las Antillas as well as compiling and sharing public sourced historical material.

Our Mission

Our mission is to recover lost photographs and stories from artists, cultural activities and family albums for the preservation of the Historical Memory of Puerto Rico and the Antillean Caribbean region. We envision a space that encompasses the development of multidisciplinary initiatives and incite new forms of culture.

Our Vision

Archivos del Caribe aspires to be a historical building and cultural center that serves as a physical archive, a museum and a legacy for the preservation of the Antillean Caribbean history, the arts and the culture. We want to respond to world tendencies and reach people in a local and international level. 

Framework & Values

This organization and its members are dedicated to create a space for a dignified and diversified representation of the Arts and Culture of the Antillean Caribbean region. Archivos del Caribe has zero tolerance for racism, misogyny, homophobia, cultural appropriation, ableism, transphobia, and all other forms of injustice and oppression within and outside the organization. 

We provides a glossary with antiracist and decolonial terms — it is not exhaustive but rather a starting point. To unlearn and to transform, we must constantly move forward with generosity, love, and humility.